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Get Started with a "Nibble with Willow" Subscription

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started

  • Step 1: Check Program Criteria

    Before you get started with your Nibble with Willow subscription, it's important to determine whether your school or organization is a match. Some questions to consider:

    • For schools: how many classrooms will participate in the program?
    • For organizations: will the program be delivered in more than one setting (eg. WIC, Community Center, etc)?
    • Will program instructors have access to a sink, if not in the room, then nearby to the classroom?
    • How many children (and parents) do you expect to serve in a setting/classroom?
    • Do you have teachers or volunteers that can be trained as instructors?
    • What is your timing for launching a new program?
  • Step 2: Determine How You Will Fund

    We've worked hard to make a Nibble with Willow subscription affordable for schools and organizations involved in early childhood intervention. Before you begin, create a budget for the food supplies, Willow supply package, professional development and the subscription itself. Key questions to consider:

    • Will you fund with parent donations or a grant?
    • Each classroom will need the Willow supply package including, cooking supplies, as well as program materials and curriculum. How many classrooms will you need to fund?
  • Step 3: Purchase Your Subscription

    Once you have determined your budget and checked the program criteria, it's time to choose your subscription. Nibble with Willow offers a variety of options for receiving the program materials, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

    • Each classroom will need the hand-puppet, apron and poster set. How many classrooms will participate?
    • Time to order your cooking supplies and ingredients. How many participants and classrooms do you expect?

    Schedule your instructor training.


    Note: "Nibble with Willow" requires a  minimum of two instructors to run the program and 3.5-4 hours should be allotted for training.

Program Features & Benefits

Program Features

  • Play-based curriculum featuring a personable character offers an interactive way to introduce fruits and vegetables to children
  • Built-in guidance and support for teachers and parents to bring healthy eating habits into the home
  • Tools and resources to overcome picky eating and unhealthy food choices

Program Benefits

  • Improved overall health and well-being for both children and parents through a balanced diet
  • Greater ease and enjoyment of mealtimes with the family
  • Long-term positive impact on children's eating habits, reducing the risk of obesity and chronic diseases

Nibble with Willow

is the program that keeps on giving! It gives educators access to a comprehensive set of tools and resources designed to encourage healthy eating habits in their communities. It gives parents personalized support and guidance with research-backed techniques on how to overcome picky eating, meal planning tips, plus strategies to counteract the influence of unhealthy food choices. It gives the wider community healthy eating tips that contribute to reducing rates of obesity and other chronic diseases in children.


"My son has always been a picky eater, but since he's been attending Nibble with Willow we no longer fight about vegetables. He's eating jicama and beets and cabbage, all thanks to Willow! I can't say enough about this program and how it has helped my family turn mealtime from stressful to joyful."

Bring Home the Fun and Nourishment with Nibble the Willow - Buy Now and Get Cooking!

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